19 March 2012

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"... Steiner once made such a verse, which can help people who are weak or ill to activate their will in the best way possible.

22. O Spirit of God, fill Thou me,
Fill Thou me within my soul :
My soul, to it give forces strong,
Forces strong also to my heart;
To my heart, that for Thee seeks,
Seeks with deepest longing:
Deepest longing for new health,
For new health and courage:
Courage, that in my limbs goes streaming,
Streaming as noble gift of God;
Gift of Gof from Thee, O psirit of God.
O Spirit of God, fill Thou me.

"Far more tha with our thinking the word binds together with our feeling, and far more strongly again with everything that lies in the will. Feeling belongs to a much more unconscious part than feeling. For thinking the wordswe speak amount to little more, as it were, than signs. To feeling they have far more intimate connection. They join forces with feeling far more closely, and especially closely do they do so with willing."

Healing Forces in the Word and Its Rhythms
Heinz Muller

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