05 June 2012

Calendar of the Soul: Weekly Meditations
3-9 June 2012
R. Steiner

I forget my own will's separateness
And the world's warmth, heralding summer,
Fills my soul and spiritual essence;
Spirit vision then commands me:
"Lose you yourself in light."
Powerfully, then, prescient foreknowing
Announces: "Lose yourself to find yourself."

Reflections by Patsy Scala :
"...These are the days of the outer. Our bodies seek the world body. We surrender the illusion of separateness, and gain the world.
   A voice in our summer-filled soul speaks to us: "What you have released into the light is your small self. You have found a larger self. In melting into the light, you have uncovered the truth of who you are. .. You are a god. You have lost your mask and found your truth."

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