18 June 2012

Michael / archangel, dragon-tamer, saint
"Micha-El (which means, "Who resembles God?") ...relates to the heart intelligence and warmth- and inspires us to connect with one another, to work alongside one another and cultivate both these capacities within ourselves, to order to create and share what and who we are. This is also why Micha-El is most alive in our consciousness during our creative, social processes and the harvest season- autumn- because we are literally gathering fruits of our collaboration,

M is fundamentally important to community and our social experiences- our initiatives, our ideas, our engagement in social activities. He lives in us and around us as a warmth force, such as our body temperatures and the candle flame or fire; these forces symbolically and esoterically battle and tame the darkness, often represented by the dragon or the challenge in legends.

As a fiugre Michael faves the hindering forces of darkness of the cosmic breathing of the year and of the whole cosmos. By doing so, he strengthens his ( and subsequently our) will capacities. This allows for human courage and faith in others and in ourselves. .."

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