28 December 2012

Mexican Folk Art Pottery
via   Cazahana

"    To be numb to the world is another form of suicide.
      I feel myself separating from the sentence written on my own wings. How do we move beyond our own diagnosis? I turn to the birds, the ember of the painted bunting burning in my hands. Of course. Off course. The bunting got caught in a storm and stayed. I have been seized in a storm of my own making. Whirlwind. World-wind. Distracted and displaced. In the wounding of becoming lost, I can correct myself. We can take flight from our lives in a form other than denial and return to our authentic selves through the art of retreat. Accidental sightings, whether witnessed in a brain or on a winter dawn, remind us there is no such thing as certainty. Tulips dance even after their lives have been cut short."
T T Williams. When Women Were Birds

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