29 December 2012

Holy Nights Journal - W Bento
27 December 2012 / Holy Night #3 (March)

" blessed by the virtues of the Fishes. The spirit of generosity echoes... sense of being touched by the divine and sense of hearing... [which] enhances our capacity to listen into the deep silence...  every turning point in a meditation is due to the meditant's capacity to relinquish the thinking upon the word or image and surrender his whole being to the substance of silence.
arises a subtle movement within the soul...as though a gentle radiant wave of living light begins to write upon the background of darkness.

" Was it not 'good will' that was proclaimed by the Angels to the simple Shepherds in the field?"

"We must develop a capacity to listen to the voice of the Angels. ...As we venture into the land of the little brother of death- sleep- we must attempt to listen to and make sense of the dialogues that take place in the night during the formless realm of dreaming."
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We get to meditate on the March month this past year ('12) and our dreams reflect the March to come ('13).

(How else to remember this past year than through this bloggidyblog!) :

MARCH 2012  @inloveofwe : 
Sun and Waves dominated :
light of the known universe
like wind. like light
shades of eternal night
sun shone
tides of life
morning victories
wake up
swelling and ebbing currents
streaming through widening
sauna stanzas
"Now is only sun, sunstrife, and sea." - John Ashberry
here comes the sun

and Leonard Cohen's INTENTION (28 March) has become a ring word, to slip into, to polish, to

unsent postcard

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