23 August 2013

Lonely Horse, England 1998

"In Pentti Sammallahti’s world, humanity is not the center of the universe. His images are fable-like, where animals act as guides. They enable us to pass into another dimension that our usual haste often leads us to ignore. Dogs are among his favorite subjects, and he often carries dried sardines in his pockets as a treat."

“Finding myself on a rocky island,” he notes, “I suddenly understood what the stone near me, the ship on the shore, the cloud navigating the sky and the salient, sporadic calligraphies drawn by migrating birds were telling me… Then I understood that you don‘t take photographs, you receive them.”
His pictures are small revelations; the longer you watch them, the more you discover. Like haikus, their silent, austere intensity captures and links disparate elements of reality. They demand our attention to the instant, draw us into their world, which becomes ours: here, far away."

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