10 September 2013

Bachelor's Essay flashback!

Kristen who keep us inspired, who lives 1/3 her gut 1/3 her heart 1/3 her lioness, is in Switzerland getting on with her passions as she does. in a subtly glamorous way. once again as a student. oh she is far away doing all this,
reflecting on Home,
"Can home be a soul?    "
Oh, wel, Home has a soul. and, ...soul can be your home.
again from that great publication we all have to go to Durham for:

"Ecotone, VOl.15. which includes Jill Sisson Quinn’s beautiful essay The Myth of Home. She writes:
“It doesn’t matter where I was born or where I grew up. I am indigenous to nothing. A lake can be an ocean. My allegiance can change; my genetic code a journal of shifting passions. I can love what I want. Perhaps this is our greatest myth: that there is somewhere we belong. And the skin we have needed to have shed? The entire idea of home.”"

thanks kg

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