21 April 2014

"mr. gabriel garcia marquez has been my favorite writer for so long, ever since the first time i cracked open a dusty copy of 'leaf storm' when i was seventeen skipping class to hang at the library and drink milkshakes. he effortlessly carried me to sun-drenched lands, dusty storytellers, juicy green leaves, tiny golden fish, what love looks like in your imagination and the surprises it holds in practice. i've read him stretched out on a sunny blanket, ankles crossed, thinking of the ways that 'magical realism' exists in the outside world, wondering when things like this really happen, thinking that maybe i just haven't seen them yet. i remember drinking all of 'love in the time of cholera' almost in one sitting at my brother's house one christmas, like holy water. i can't say enough what light and beauty and strangeness his words have brought to our universe. rest in peace. i hope that you too levitated to your death in a cloud of butterflies. thank you, my friend!"

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