01 January 2013

50 Qs

[ 11-20 ]

11 What is your spirit animal?  Fox? oh rats, figured this out last month using the national wildlife matching card game and forgot.
12  What's the best and worst part of living where you live? it's beautiful down to its bare vines. Are you here?
13  If you could be the first to explore a place, where would it have been? Why?  If i could have been Jane Goodall, going native in Africa.
14 When were you happiest in nature?  wave body crashing with Lenny
15  I channel my childhood self when I... get crafty
16  If I had to be outdoors all day I would... tend the garden, use the harvest
17  My favorite quality in a man is.. to easily finds humor, encourages my own
18  My favorite quality in a woman is... cares about her choice of words, cares about mine
19  Im terrified of... dying from a texting driver
20 My dream car is a ... something with a hatchback. like a Honda CRX

11-14 question forms via madewell.tumblr
15-20 via tomboystyle.blogspot

** please send questions! leave them in the comments. it will be the most daring to answer direct questions


  1. 21.What does the note say or the drawing look like beside your phone number that you are giving a person you met in a magical way several months back that is now your kind waiter?
    22. Do you believe in casual intimacies? Are we opening ourselves or blocking?
    23. What makes a community thrive?
    24.What is the nature of lonesomeness? isolation? and too much intimacy all at the same time?
    25.How/ Do you experience ecstasy?
    26.What is the point of desire? Can we experience it healthfully?
    27.Do you experience shyness? anxiety? confusion? despair?
    28. When and how do you need to be and become brave?
    29. How/ do you make a move? flirt?
    30. What happens during eye contact?
    31.How do you see yourself living fullest? rightly? where will you be?
    32. If money were not an issue what is your greatest dream?
    33. The last time you meditated what were some of the thoughts that arose?
    34. Which natural elements are the most of you?
    35. How do you have fun?
    36.Is there a goddess you are drawn to?
    37. Is there a tincture you love?
    38. The best movie you've seen recently is...
    39. The dinner you would like to cook soon is...
    40. Your favorite smell to wear is...
    41. The yoga posture you crave is...
    42. The way you exercise is...
    43. The thing you would most like to learn next is...
    44. A magical thing that has happened to you is...

  2. 45. What are you devoted to?

  3. 21. bringing the porcelain moment back to clay,
    crafting our shared mystery,
    three lines long

  4. 22. havent lived long with a casual intimacy, but they seem so honest and workable.
    i want one, so ill believe in it.

    I'll believe in them but i'll be afraid to open

  5. THANK YOU PEONY. ive needed something to say for so long

  6. 30. during eye contact i pray the other eyes feel heard, feel reassured, feel their two in the space of four. feel attached
    during eye contact i get nervous that im being seen

  7. 29. might dance a little.
    with or without music
    make moves with my hips

  8. 34. so much water /
    live in ebb and flows

  9. 45. i have no history of devotion

  10. 35.
    to have fun, make sure i keep laughing.
    moderately snide remarks for added humor
    comfort in the spontaneous

    36. in 7th grade i was Hestia, goddess of the hearth, a donkey sidekick and i sped through the monologue. confidence in my prop, the ass. more affinity to Hestia than any

  11. 41. my favorite necessity is to hold 8lb weights up over my head , push my shoulders back and slowly fly my arms down, wide.
    realigns and warms all in the back of the neck, a crucial space that is so forgotten
    42. exercise is about eating right, stretching, getting warmed and working excited through the time. strenuous work is one of the best workouts, stretchy pants a lot to do in the garden.
    do some core work first so theyre available for using later.