01 January 2013

50 Qs

one day, within the past month, in the midst of an internet trolling adventure I came upon several questionnaires within minutes. love knowing how other people choose. sometimes these interviews find work specific questions to ask these creatives and sometimes we just get to know how they'll take their eggs.

Without making resolutions for 2013, cheers to any follow through
like answering 50 questions.
its not about certainty, its about thinking of something decent enough to share, true enough to be decent
and sending it forth

1 What is your favorite flower?  Bulbine lily
2  What is your favorite vegetable? cabbage
3  What is your favorite season and why?  the warmer ones. when the flowers grow themselves / trying real hard to like all of them 
4  Organic or Heirloom or dont care?  Heirloom authentic
5  What do you grow? If you dont grow anything currently, what would you like to grow?  Lots of little ones + would like to grow more specialty foods and plants to dye with
6  Favorite terrain: mountains, desert, beach, plains? Plains, maybe
7  What is the scariest thing in nature? very steep drops
8  What is the most impressive thing in nature? symbiotic relationships
9 What sounds do you like to fall asleep to?  Not sex next door
10 If you could change one thing about humanity's relationship with nature, what would it be?  it would start with reverence

question forms via madewell.tumblr

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